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We Want the Airwaves

Nia King's trying to figure out if her dream of making a living as an art activist is beyond reach. In this podcast, she seeks advice from other political queer artists, trans artists, and artists of color who seem to have figured out how to make art and make rent without compromising their values. (Photo of Nia interviewing Gabby Rivera by Tecpatl DeSequoia.)

Sep 18, 2018

Jackie Wang's book Carceral Capitalism helps draw a direct line between the Recession of 2008, the following calls for austerity, and the visible uptick in anti-Black police violence. Indebted cities are trying to cut costs and raise funds, and they are doing it by having machines and algorithms make decisions that cops and judges would usually make. In places like Ferguson, MO, they're also charging exorbitant fees and fines for the most minor infractions, making poor Black residents' lives way harder than they need to be. Find out exactly how new, technologically advanced, supposedly race-neutral methods of policing continue to perpetuate racism, classism, and heterosexism in this episode. Photo by Sasha Pedro.

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